Centro Romero is developing a community art gallery, Pueblo Unido Gallery (People United Gallery). The project is an outgrowth of the Youth Program's involvement with the Columbia College Chicago Diane Dammeyer Initiative and the School of the Art Institute's Arts Management and Arts Education Graduate Studios. These partners have come together to support Centro's desire to establish a community-generated, student-run art space to provide art classes, mount community and abroad exhibitions, and host local and international artists to Centro Romero. The project aims to provide a platform of empowerment and connection for the Centro Romero youth, students of the partner institutions and community members. Pueblo Unido Gallery will be the visual communication hub for Centro Romero and its community members to tell their own stories through creative practices and raise awareness of human rights as well as social justice involving refugees and migration.

Our Team
Abraham Cervantes – Lead Youth Curator 
Abigail (Abby) Winograd – Gallery Director / Chief Curator 
Peter Fitzpatrick – Gallery Director
Sofia Zabawa - Diane Dammeyer Gallery Assistant & Camera Club Instructor
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